electronic artist

short profil

Since 1988 Roland S. Adam ( RSA ) - former artist name DJ Terra X - has been perfecting his DJ skills and created a clean, powerfull style.
In 1994 he found his favorite kind of music - electronic beats and the different styles it has. His preferret sounds since 2000 are powerfull variations of Techno. 

Adams activities in the last 20 years include the major clubs from Karlsruhe ( germany ) to Basel ( switzerland ) and Strasbourg ( france ).
His bookings include a variety of events with the big player in europe.

In his live radio show < Adam liebt dich  (Adam loves you ) > in Stuttgart, he promote newcomer DJ's and producers, but he also work with the great names of the scene.

As a corollary Roland S. Adam founded the record labels < earthQuake records > & < Miami House Trax (MHT) > with an international artist pool.

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