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Sometimes, it is time to restart a perfect thing !

Roland S. Adam
is back on HGM Stuttgart radio since 04.10.2016
Visit his show, every fiday from 19.30 till 21.00 (berlin time)
>Adam liebt dich ( adam loves you )< radioshow on stream www.hgm.world.

Last Sounds like an Adam Show 11.12.2015
Many thanks to my audience and the artists in the recent months .
Be sure Adam loves you !
A long way starts always with the first step, my step is now ....

Sounds like a Adam in coop. with Vivvi4tune
Adam will play irregular promotion shows on different Stations.
Please pay attention to the pre-announcements / events on Facebook.

Roland gives his support to DJs and producers, particularly newcomers from these areas are welcome. If you want to hear your mixes or tracks on HGM Radio Stuttgart, please send us a message (contact).
Adam`s podcasts are playing throughout Europe at various radio stations.

Listen to some complete live Shows from the last 12 month on hearthis.at.