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Nina van Hils (Germany) grew up in a family of musicians. She mastered guitar, piano and other instruments (eg african djembe).
To call her a talent , would be an understatement .
Their mix of melodic techno with her attention to details make her to an exceptional producer with a special sound.
Releases on beatport (click her picture).

One of the legends in Techno space, Commander Tom !
Commander Tom & Roland S. Adam working on release updates aso.
No Country for old men......

azador (UK) is a newcomer from England. His sounds are a mixture of tech-house & Dubstep. He create the new sound of the island.
Another part of his work is to remix tracks and give them a new face.

Live Erikson (Austria) is active for years in the trance scene. As a producer, he has released several tracks and EP/LP`s. Visit his website to find out his actuell projects (click on the picture).





















Last Update: 25. October 2016

Roland S. Adam - the funky Funk / released on beatport

Nina van Hils - Die Zitrone am Strassenrand / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam & Leon Andonov - No country for old men / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam - U & Me / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam - monolith 13 / released on beatport 

Nina van Hils - Live Scanner / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam - electrical Voodoo chapter II / ClubMix

Roland S. Adam - And I am ready to rock / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam - The beach / ClubMix

Roland S. Adam & Nina van Hils ep / released on beatport

Roland S. Adam - Seele tut weh / RadioMix