In 1989 Adam touched a turntable for the first time.
From then on he worked in two clubs in Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany.
The first years of his DJ life were marked by black music.
In 1994 he was introduced to pure electronic music and was deeply affected and inspired from that point on.
From this time on, he was known as DJ Terra X .
He played in many clubs in southern Germany and also toured in the neighboring countries of France and Switzerland.
Roland was also represented at events and major events and plays with the great one of the scene.
His most important motto is: Let people dance, with the best possible DJ performance.
Adam prefers to work with analog Setups, and on all Pioneer equitment.
As a producer, Roland releases tracks and albums on his record labels known as
Earthquake Records, Miami House Trax and adam deluxe records.