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Public preview (click the cover) !
Der Wanderer - Roland S. Adam
Release date February 2017 on Adam deluxe records.

Public preview (click the cover) !
A Sign of A - Roland S. Adam
Release date January 2017 on Adam deluxe records.

short profil

since 1988 Roland S. Adam has been perfecting his dj skills and created a clean, powerfull style, he is one of the electronic member of the first days. His favorite kind of music are electronic beats and the different styles it has. 
Since 2000 his love are powerful and emotional variations of techno. 
Adams activities in the last 20 years include the major clubs from
Karlsruhe (Germany) to Basel (Switzerland) and Strasbourg (France).
His bookings are a variety of events with the big players in europe.

Don`t forget,
adam loves you

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earthquake record labels group

Earthquake records includes the sublabels
Miami House Trax & adam deluxe records.

Label tracks on beatport:


artist label work on:

shelter 54 records >1<
global dance records >2<
noize bangers >3<
earthquake records >1<
>1<  Germany    >2<  USA    >3<  Italy

visit this labels for great worldwide artists and tracks !

set downloads

Exclusive midsommar 2017: I come with the rain
download full set (new fixed file)

Exclusive summer 2016: Africa Child
download full set

Highest rating mixcloud set 2013: Electronical Voodoo
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Test month Pioneer professional DDJ-RZX

social commitment

in the age of 16 he starts his way as a professional hip hop and breakdancer (main sponsor Langnese), with engagements in the most european countries. Years later, he discovered his heart for children. Children and hip hop? Probably the best way to connect to, because music and movement are in our blood. Adam offers free courses at schools and gym`s in southern germany. In addition, he teaches in the past professional educators, with the simple means of dance to touch and open the soul of kids. Roland S. Adam supports -terre des hommes-.

live radio show

In the last four years adam created shows for radio stuttgart.
> 2014 - 2016  Sounds like an adam
> since 2017    Adam liebt dich (adam loves you)
> 2017              started the earthquake records label group show.
This is a  first class show of Gert van der Proost and Roland S. Adam.
Visit it every friday from 20.00 till 22.00 (berlin time).

Adams podcasts are playing on:
techno - paradize Paris
music galaxy radio Berlin
hgm Stuttgart


Nina van Hils
Gert van der Proost
Charly Beck
Live Erikson
Hunter HF
Roman Schwarz
Leon Andonov
Ecco Storm
Boogieman Inc. UK 

analog vs. digital

Turntable vs. digital Controller ?
A question that keeps the mind moving again and again
Roland S. Adam has a simple answer to this question: BOTH!
In clubs, with fixed, stable installed DJ area and normal bass power, he like to work with turntables.
On open air or big indoor events, the DJ area is usually not so stable and the whole construct begins to move through the real big bass. For that he use only controller, a turntable would be here for scratches too vulnerable.
Anyway, never forget - if you have own equipment, bring it with you! Never trust the technical condition of equipment that has been used for years in a clubs or coming from a distributor.

Roland S. Adams DJ Tools

Techniks 1210 MK2, complete Pionieer Controller & Mixer family, Akai apc, Korg Midi Controller, Recordbox DJ 5.0 DVS

Studio work for customer

- Ghost production
- Mixdown
- Mastering (digital & analog)
- Full Service incl. Label Release

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